May 22-24, 2017

Stand #G88


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Experience. Unlike any other.­­­­

Duncan Aviation is a maintenance, repair and overhaul organization dedicated to providing the best nose-to-tail support services for operators of business aircraft. With three full-service locations and more than 25 engine and avionics offices in the United States, Duncan Aviation provides responsive and remarkable service on time and on budget for customers from around the world.

About Duncan Aviation

Stop by Stand #G88 to meet our technical service representatives, who will be able to answer your questions about everything from airframe and engine maintenance to avionics upgrades (including compliance with the upcoming ADS-B mandate), interior solutions, exterior paint, avionics/instrument/accessories repairs, parts and rotables.

Duncan Aviation is your partner in finding solutions for the issues facing business aviation today. We listen to customers and respond by developing new products, services and processes. You bring your challenge. We'll bring experts with experience unlike any other.


Tim Barber Aircraft Sales Rep Lincoln, NE (LNK)
+44 (0) 203.2878.986
+44 (0) 7836.352.676
Hannah Bodenstab Parts & Rotables Sales Rep Lincoln, NE (LNK)
+1 402.479.1684
+1 402.450.8077
Dave Coleman Aircraft Sales Rep Battle Creek, MI (BTL)
+1 773.425.2498
Arjen Groeneveld Regional Manager, Europe Battle Creek, MI (BTL)
+011 31 20 820 2328
+011 31 6 46727679
Dale Hawkins Airframe Service Sales Rep Battle Creek, MI (BTL)
+1 269.969.8463
+1 269.998.3330
Aaron Hilkemann President Lincoln, NE (LNK)
+1 402.479.1619
Mike Minchow Vice President Service Sales Lincoln, NE (LNK)
+1 402.479.4107
+1 402.430.0632
Phil Porter International Parts Sales Rep. Lincoln, NE (LNK)
+1 402.479.4193
Phil Suglia Manager, Service Sales Battle Creek, MI (BTL)
+1 269.969.8458
+1 269.209.5404


Duncan Aviation’s Kansas City Shop Upgrades Gulfstream G150 for ADS-B 04.04.2017

Duncan Aviation’s satellite avionics shop in Kansas City, Missouri, recently upgraded a G150 for ADS-B. As part of the upgrade, the shop sent the aircraft’s TDR-94D transponders to the avionics experts at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, location, to be upgraded.

Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales Team Releases 1Q 2017 Business Jet Model/Market Summary 04.03.2017

Duncan Aviation recently compiled and published a new edition of its Business Jet Model/Market Summary.

Duncan Aviation Main Facilities Currently Performing Global Pre-Purchase Evaluations 03.27.2017

Duncan Aviation’s three full-service Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities each have at least one Bombardier Global aircraft currently undergoing a pre-purchase evaluation.

Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, Facility Adds Aruba to its Certifications 03.22.2017

Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility was recently approved by Aruba’s Department of Civil Aviation as an approved aircraft maintenance organization.

Duncan Aviation’s Interior Shop Breathes New Life Into Reliable G550 Workhorse 03.08.2017

Duncan Aviation recently refurbished a 12-year-old Gulfstream G550 for a customer who appreciates the dependability of the aircraft and wanted it to remain an integral part of his fleet. By combining the work for an entirely new interior, a new exterior paint scheme and an upgrade of the Cabin Management System (CMS) with scheduled maintenance for the aircraft, Duncan Aviation minimized downtime and helped the customer maintain his flight schedule.

London-Based Tim Barber Joins Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions Team 03.01.2017

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Barber as its Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions Representative in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Duncan Aviation Announces Ron Sieber as Bombardier Service Sales Rep 02.21.2017

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that Ron Sieber recently joined the company as a member of its Bombardier Airframe Service Sales team.

Duncan Aviation and Gogo Business Aviation Developing Several STCs for Gogo Biz 4G 02.13.2017

Duncan Aviation is working closely with Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) to develop Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for Gogo’s new 4G service and Wi-Fi equipment.

Duncan Aviation Transforms Challenger Aircraft 02.09.2017

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce the completion of a fully customized Challenger 605 interior and exterior that took a former charter jet and transformed it into a proud company showcase for its new owner.

Duncan Aviation Makes Its Engineering Services Available Industrywide 01.30.2017

Duncan Aviation recently launched a program that makes its highly regarded Engineering & Certification Services available for projects throughout the aerospace industry. Although the company’s engineering and certification professionals have always been available to assist other companies, Duncan Aviation is expanding its engineering and certification services to include a team dedicated solely to supporting external requests.

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