Avionics Expert Lends Expertise To Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales Team

LINCOLN, NEB. — The value of an aircraft goes far deeper than its exterior appearance and its make, model and year. Its true value lies in the condition of its engines, its previous care, the condition of its logbooks, its features and its avionics. An aircraft's avionics systems and upgrades can significantly affect the value of that aircraft. And comparing systems from different aircraft in an apples-to-apples method is quite complicated.  

Duncan Aviation's Aircraft Sales team has developed a spreadsheet tool that helps operators truly compare different aircraft models in an apples-to-apples fashion before they purchase. Determining the value of avionics systems for each aircraft is an integral part of that spreadsheet and for that, Duncan Aviation's team relies heavily on the expertise of Gary Harpster, a longtime technical avionics sales representative for Duncan Aviation.

"I enjoy working with people, helping them determine their needs and answering their questions," Harpster says. "There is a lot of misinformation in the industry. With the NextGen initiatives and mandates, it is even more important now for those purchasing a preowned aircraft to really evaluate that aspect of their purchase decision."

Harpster came to Duncan Aviation in 1985 to help start up Duncan Aviation's satellite avionics shops. After the initial shops were set up, he went into technical support providing troubleshooting on avionics systems. In 1990, he was asked to move into the role of technical avionics sales representative. Since then, he has spent time educating himself, the industry and customers about the newest technology, systems and mandates. Recently, he began assisting Duncan Aviation's aircraft sales clients with avionics system comparisons.  

Prior to joining Duncan Aviation, Harpster flew full-time for a local company as a customer service representative and managed an avionics shop. He has a degree in electronics design technology and a commercial pilots license with more than 1,000 hours of flight time.

"With new technologies constantly being introduced and numerous international mandates requiring changes in avionics systems, like FANS and ADS-B, looking at the value and future value of avionics systems is a vital part of the aircraft acquisition process," says Steve Gade, vice president of aircraft sales, marketing and new business development for Duncan Aviation. "With access to Gary Harpster's expertise, Duncan Aviation's aircraft sales customers will be able to make the best purchase decision for them and their flight needs. It's just another added value for our clients."

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