Duncan Aviation Ready to Obtain EASA Approval for Falcon 900B with Universal Avionics’ EFI-890R

LINCOLN, NEB. — Since its announcement last fall, Duncan Aviation has completed two Falcon 900B avionics upgrades with the Universal Avionics’ EFI-890R retrofit solution. The company is now available to pursue EASA certification for the updated flight deck.  

“The Falcon 900B has always been a good aircraft, but the avionics have become the weakest link in its future capabilities,” says Gary Harpster, a Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales Representative. “The Universal Avionics solution replaces the items that cause those limitations as well as provides the operator with additional capabilities. Synthetic Vision allows the pilot the best in situational awareness throughout each aspect of the flight regime. The Application Server Units (ASU) provide the crew with a higher level of guidance when taxiing at unfamiliar airports, as well as weather and a user definable checklist. This system also offers the ability for camera input on the Primary Flight Displays, WAAS with LPV, RNP .3 for Approaches, the foundation for ADS-B, RNP 4 for flight within the NAT Tracks, UniLink® UL-80X Weather, displayed Jepp Charts and Winds Aloft, and more.”

The EFI-890R cockpit upgrade replaces 25 older instruments and significantly improves reliability and situational awareness. The flight deck upgrade presents a simple concept: Replace only the most critical components to maximize upgrade efficiency. This straightforward solution provides weight and power savings, increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs. The operator will realize less downtime and experience maintenance cost savings while receiving the benefits of the latest advancements in avionics technology comparable to current production OEM aircraft.

The avionics suite includes five high-resolution Universal Avionics EFI-890R 8.9” Advanced Flight Displays, with Engine Interface Units (EIU) that replace the analog gauges. Dual Universal Avionics UNS-1Fw Flight Management Systems (FMS) provide Wide Area Augmentation System/Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS/LPV) capability.  Dual Vision-1® computers provide Synthetic Vision and dual Application Server Units (ASU) support procedural checklists, electronic documents (Edocs), Present Position (depiction) of aircraft on approach plate overlays and an Enhanced Vision Infrared Camera System (EVS-1500).

“We are thrilled with the momentum we have with delivered aircraft featuring this exciting upgrade,” Harpster continues.  “This upgrade gives a great aircraft the ability to not only stay in the race of the upcoming mandates but jump out in front. When you see one of these aircraft after the modifications that can be completed while you are down – you will fly away feeling this was the best investment you ever made. We are excited to offer this upgrade to European customers.”

In addition to the cockpit upgrade, Duncan Aviation completed several interior upgrades on one of the Falcon aircraft, including complete soft good refurbishment, new cabinet veneer, Duncan Design Collection PSU overlay panels with EMTEQ LED lighting, radiused drinkrails and pull-out sidewall tables, hi-lo conference table from Enflite, right-hand aft configuration change to add a berthing divan, upper galley modifications, natural stone galley and vanity counters, and hardware plating. Duncan Aviation also installed new winglets prior to painting the aircraft.

Duncan Aviation also installed Rockwell Collins’ Venue™ cabin management system, providing passengers a High-Definition cabin entertainment experience. The Venue CMS system includes the new Skybox™ providing an easy and convenient solution to watch the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows on the new HD cabin monitors or streamed wirelessly to or from their Apple devices.

About Duncan Aviation

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