Wisdom at Work: Duncan Aviation Celebrates 245 Team Members with 25 plus Years of Experience

LINCOLN, NEB. — How many of your co-workers have 25 or more years of experience?  How about ten? Five? The average American sticks with a job for 4.6 years, according to the Bureau of Labor. Yet Duncan Aviation has 245 people who can claim a quarter century or more with the company.  

It’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on experience, as it can’t be replicated or accurately quantified, but Duncan Aviation does what it can to recognize those individuals who have made a career out of caring for our customers. Those team members who have dedicated 25 years to the company are inducted into a prestigious organization, the Silver Wings Club.

Duncan Aviation recently added 54 new members to the club at celebration dinners in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Battle Creek, Michigan. These additions bring the total to 245, more than 10 percent of the entire Duncan Aviation workforce, with members spread across Duncan Aviation’s 30+ locations.

Experienced technicians can pinpoint a problem in significantly less time than a newer technician because they’ve likely seen it before. Human resources representatives who’ve been with the company for years really know the other team members and can work to find solutions quickly. Managers with more than a decade under their belt typically work their way up through the ranks, allowing them to empathize with their team and lead by example, because they’ve been there before. Expertise is something that doesn’t happen overnight.

Duncan Aviation works hard to retain team members for these reasons and countless more.

“We invest a lot in our team members—professional training, our wellness program and little things every day that recognize a job well done—and every penny and minute we spend is worth it,” says Vice President of Human Resources Michael Cox. “I love that when I tell people about my career, they say, ‘oh, that’s a great place to work.’”

Travel and Events Coordinator Pam Orr is just one example of the hundreds of team members who have become experts in their fields.

She has 38 years with the company and ensures our rapid response tech reps get to the customer when they need to be and everything goes as planned at the more than 250 events Duncan Aviation hosts and attends each year.

“I connect our people to customers through events or one-on-one meetings,” explains Pam. “But my job has become much more than that over the years. I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks to get people where they need to be as quickly as possible while saving the company money.”

Pam is one of 11 team members with 38 years of experience. Senior Captain Harry Barr has been with Duncan Aviation for a total of 56 years, making him the most seasoned team member.

About Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation is an aircraft service provider supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators and other service providers. Services include major and minor airframe inspections, engine maintenance, major retrofits for cabin and cockpit systems, full paint and interior services, and preowned aircraft sales and acquisitions. Duncan Aviation also has international aircraft components solutions experts available 24/7/365 at +1 402.475.4125 who can handle any aircraft system problem with immediate exchanges, rotables, loaners or avionics/instrument/accessory repairs and overhauls. Complete service facilities are located in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah. We also have dozens of other facilities strategically located throughout the United States to provide customers with regional support and the quickest response possible to avionics, engine and airframe Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations.

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