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At Duncan Aviation, we recognize that members of the US military are dedicated individuals who bring a unique set of experience and skills to our team. Many career skills, both hands-on and soft skills, gained during active duty, transition well into a position with Duncan Aviation.

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Who We Are

Duncan Aviation is the largest privately owned business jet service provider in the world. With complete Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service offerings at three beautiful US facilities, strategically placed regional shops, and mobile technical teams able to provide services worldwide, we help business aircraft operators get the most value from their aircraft ownership.

Our premier aircraft services–delivered on time–include airframe & engine maintenance, avionics installations, interior & paint completions/modifications, avionics/instrument/accessory repairs & overhauls and parts support for aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, Dassault, Textron, Gulfstream and Embraer. Our avionics satellites and airframe and engine Rapid Response teams provide airframe, avionics and engine services in the field for scheduled and AOG work. And our parts and components teams give 24/7/365 support worldwide with knowledgeable reps who answer the phone day or night. We also provide complete aircraft acquisition and sales services for those looking to buy or sell a pre-owned aircraft.

Even with these vast resources at the ready, we serve customers with the friendliness and responsiveness of a small-town company. That is because our people have a passion for aviation and customer service. They are among the most experienced in the industry and their quality of service is among the best in the world.

Owned and operated by the Duncan family since our founding in 1956, Duncan Aviation is well-known and respected by operators, manufacturers and other service providers worldwide for our quality, value, timeliness, communication, work ethic and expertise.




SkillBridge Internship Program

The Duncan Aviation Internship Program is an approved SkillBridge Program under the Department of Defense Instruction 1322.29. The program is an opportunity for transitioning service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through an internship during their last 6 months of service, for up to 180 days. The Program is open to all ranks and experience levels. SkillBridge participants are not eligible for compensation from Duncan Aviation, as they continue to receive military compensation and benefits as active-duty service members.

During this program you will be on-site at a Duncan Aviation location performing an internship in an entry to mid-level career type role. You’ll have on-the-job training supporting a work schedule equivalent to 40hrs per week. Outlined below are the Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes for the program.

Goals– Provide transitioning service members fellowship-style job skills training during the last portion of their military commitment. This program is specifically designed to offer internships that result in the potential to transition to a full-time opportunity at the conclusion of the training.

Objectives– Service Members who complete the Intern program will be highly-trained, capable, future employees that align to the specific needs of the organization. This program provides a comprehensive internship experience including professional development, networking with leadership, and training specifically focused on Duncan Aviation's brand promise, core values and job responsibilities.

Outcome– Offer transitioning service member a rewarding opportunity to join the Duncan Aviation team.

Duncan Aviation skillbridge program
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Internship Opportunities


We at Duncan Aviation are excited to offer these opportunities to service members and expect that they will perform the duties within their internship with the same dedication and excellence they have applied in their military career.

These internships offer many unique situations for military personnel to apply existing skills in a new sector, and possibly gain an advantage over other candidates in being hired into a long-term career with our company once they separate from the service.

Interns can gain private sector experience of business aircraft in the following areas:

Accessory Shop

Service of landing gear, wheels, tires, and batteries .


Servicing the fuselage, wings, tail, and flight controls.


Modification, install and troubleshooting of aircraft electrical systems and components.


Work with engineering team to apply their knowledge and skill in various disciplines for the success and safety of modifications made to business aircraft.


Removal, service and install of engines.


Unloading, taxiing, refueling


Removal, repair, alteration, and installation of various interior elements.


Preparation of business aircraft surface for the application of various coatings.

Material Services

Logistics, service, and inventory of various materials which are vital to our operation.

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Contact Recruiting for assistance in discovering where your military skills may be best applied.

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SkillBridge Eligibility

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Have 180 days of service or fewer remaining prior to your date of discharge and you have had at least 180 continuous days of active service

Obtain approval from your
unit commander

Agree that participation in SkillBridge can be terminated at any time by the Service if mission requirements dictate


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Pathway to Success

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Follow Your Passion with Skillbridge