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Duncan Aviation's Statement on COVID-19

Message from Duncan Aviation Chairman, Todd Duncan:

Caring for the well-being of our Customers and Employees

Duncan Aviation cares deeply about our customers and the communities in which we conduct business. By working together as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are confident that we can keep our team members, partners, customers, and their families and assets safe and protected. We wanted to let you know how we are proactively working to this end by sharing some of the specific precautions Duncan Aviation is taking at this time.

To ensure our actions are comprehensive and appropriate, we are working closely with local and federal government health organizations, and monitoring recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in an effort to limit the risk and reduce the spread of the virus. Most of our actions mirror things you have already heard and address the areas of our people, our facilities, and customer aircraft.

Our People

We have educated our team members about the importance of social distancing, respiratory etiquette, proper hygiene, and not touching their hands to their faces, etc. We have placed additional hand-sanitizing stations throughout all of our facilities and regularly remind team members about the hygiene and social etiquette that, if strictly followed, will help keep all of us healthy.

Our Facilities

We have long instilled a sense of pride in our team members regarding the cleanliness of our facilities. This is even more important in times like this, and our facilities teams are working extra hard to keep things sanitized by thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting and wiping public and private surfaces within our facilities regularly. High-traffic surface areas are disinfected even more often.

Customer Aircraft

At each of our three full-service MRO facilities, we are offering aircraft disinfection with EPA-approved disinfectant both upon arrival and again before departure. When coupled with the aforementioned strategies, this ensures a safe environment for us upon the start of a project and for customers when they take final delivery.

Our Policies

Furthermore, we have implemented new policies to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our team members and guests. These include things like restrictive travel policies, work-from-home initiatives, and a visitor questionnaire that all of our guests will receive prior to arrival. The questionnaire includes a simple set of questions that will help our teams assess any possible limitations we may need to implement for the individuals who accompany an aircraft and desire access to our facilities and people. While we appreciate having customers with us on-site and consider them a part of our extended team, it is vitally important to ensure a safe working environment for our teams so they can stay focused on delivering high-quality products on time. That means that when appropriate, we will work with customers to help them feel comfortable using our industry-leading myDuncan project management tool and overseeing our work remotely rather than staying on-site with the aircraft.

Please join us in our mission to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by practicing the same precautions as our team members during all of your travels and at your places of business.


Todd Duncan
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Duncan Aviation

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