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We are proud of our innovative solutions, our knowledgeable people and the friendly environments we have at Duncan Aviation. However, these things don’t mean anything until they come together, culminating in a great experience for a customer.

We receive emails, letters and phone calls every day from customers who want to thank certain team members, and the company, for a job well done. Here is a small compilation of some of those comments.

The Duncan Aviation teams did a fantastic job, and their tireless efforts got our airplane out in good order and ahead of schedule, without compromising safety, quality, or customer satisfaction! I've been a regular customer with Duncan Aviation for 20 years, and that is in no small part due to team members’ skills with a complex project.
Andy Macfie, DOM/Chief Pilot

I was very happy with this pre-buy, even though I was not able to be on-site. Pre-buys can be very testy, but Duncan Aviation treated us extremely fair. The communication with our Project Manager was excellent and the myDuncan web portal worked flawlessly.
Kevin Lavine, the Whitewind Company, Bombardier Challenger 604

The whole Duncan Aviation team who worked on our aircraft did an outstanding job. The COVID-19 environment made it challenging but Duncan Aviation prevailed. A big thanks to all involved in this project.
David Staffeldt, Klein Tools, Falcon 900EX

Back in October 2019, I had my first experience with Duncan Aviation. Prior to arriving for the C Check, I went back and forth with Dale Hawkins on the quotes for the C Check and mentioned that we also needed a new interior. Immediately, he connected me with Tiffany Buschini, and even though she was on the road in another state with another customer, the next day, she was at my hangar, looking over my interior. She took photos and gave me quotes on the interior. I was pretty impressed. I ended up going with Duncan Aviation for the interior, and I worked with designer Heather Pridemore on it. It's fantastic!
Larry Papa, Executive Jet Management

Duncan Aviation, as a supplier to Raytheon Australia’s Aircraft Operations, has always provided outstanding service. We depend on their expertise with sourcing components to service and maintain our aging fleet of Learjet 35A aircraft. Duncan Aviation’s 24/7 parts service is always there when we need it, both for general service and AOG parts supply. The services offered range from major component overhaul to airframe/avionics components and down to the smallest breakdown spare. Duncan Aviation will, more often than not, be able to source with a minimum of time and fuss those parts that we require. We see Duncan Aviation as an integral partner in delivering essential services to our Australian Defense Customer.
Tony Healey, EW and IFF Services Manager, Raytheon Australia, Joint Adversarial Training & Testing Services

Before I schedule a C Check, I visit with 3 companies--so Duncan Aviation and two of its competitors. After talking to Dale Hawkins, Tiffany Buschini, Mike Morgan and the rest of the Falcon team in Battle Creek, I was impressed. We went through the workscope and they answered my questions. If they didn’t know answers, they got back to me. They really worked to earn my business.
Kevin Jarram, Solairus Aviation

Duncan Aviation was thorough and accurate in quoting the project and setting timeline expectations. Throughout the process, myDuncan was very helpful in keeping me up-to-date with the plane with pictures of the completion work. Every week, I got pictorial updates, so I could literally see what phase the plane was in. Additionally, weekly phone conversations kept me up-to-date on the progress.
Drew Forhan, owner/operator Citation CJ2+

I truly appreciate the commitment, hard work, and amazing customer service I received from Aaron Hutton and James Alger with Duncan Aviation's Engine Rapid Response teams. There are very few on-the-road support services left where you can hand over the reins and be at ease walking away. They have always been there for us.
Leonard Resetar, Aircraft Crew Chief, Wheels UP

The entire Duncan Aviation team is a cut above and reflects the values and principles printed on the pages of 'The Soaring Story of Duncan Aviation.' Putting people first is important to me and the people I work for; in short order, anyone working with this organization will know this important core value is at the heart of this fine organization. Duncan Aviation and its team set the bar in our beloved industry and are a perfect example of great leadership for all to follow.
Ben Ingram, Maintenance Supervisor, Solairus Aviation