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AD 2004-07-21: Fixing The Astra Starter Generator Firewall Cable Support

June 2009

AD 2004-07-21 addresses issues with the Astra starter generator cable firewall cable support and the cables themselves. According to the AD and using SB 100-54-252, the cables are inspected every 250 hours. If no defects are found, the cable support does not have to be replaced until the next engine removal or five years from the effective date of the above AD, whichever comes first. The stated effective date of this AD is May 11, 2004, making the latest date the cable support is able to remain in service May 11, 2009. If you have not had the cable support replaced, you are not in compliance with this AD.

Contrary to popular belief, the engines and refrigeration unit do not have to be removed in order to comply with cable support or cable replacement. This work can also be done at your convenience at your facility.

For more information on this AD or other Astra technical issues, contact a Duncan Aviation Tech Rep.