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ATTENTION Mexican-Registered Aircraft: Don’t Forget DGAC Authorization Letter

October 2019

Work Performed in United States

All aircraft and/or components arriving from Mexico for maintenance, preventive maintenance, alterations, or specialized services must be accompanied by a letter from the Mexican DGAC authorizing the scope of the work that may be performed. Without this letter, work will not begin. This applies to all work performed in the United States at or away from a Duncan Aviation repair station.

A Duncan Aviation representative will review and compare the workscope and letter for accuracy. If the workscope changes from the original DGAC authorization, a new letter is required.

Work Performed In Mexico

No MRO repair station located outside of Mexico, including Duncan Aviation, is allowed to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, alterations, or specialized services on a Mexican-registered aircraft located in Mexico. Even if we provide tooling and an experienced Duncan Aviation technician, we may only advise and consult.


Note: Mexican-registered aircraft located in the United States that are AOG, no letter is required from the DGAC.

AOG Status

An aircraft is in AOG status when it cannot be safely flown to a new location or a ferry permit is required to move the aircraft.

A DGAC Authorization letter is still required if the aircraft is grounded due to inadequate maintenance planning, but is still able to safely fly.

U.S. Registered Aircraft in Mexico

There are no restrictions for Duncan Aviation to work on United States-registered aircraft located in Mexico that are AOG or need warranty work.