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Authorized NDT Services For Honeywell TFE731 Service Bulletins

November 2021

A new ETC-2000 Eddy Current scan system has been added to the NDT laboratory located in the Duncan Aviation Turbine Engine Services Maintenance Facility in Lincoln, NE. This scanning system is used with most engine OEM components that require highly critical eddy current testing.

With the addition of this new NDT capability, Honeywell authorized Duncan Aviation to perform eddy current corrosion inspections required for the following SBs (service bulletins).

  • TFE731-72-5222: Install Front Frame Assembly That Has Additional Corrosion Protection Features.
  • TFE731-72-5228RWK: Provide Eddy Current Corrosion Inspection And Rework Instructions For The Front Frame Assemblies.

These SBs are applicable to the front Frame Assemblies on the following TFE731 engines*:

PN Model Number Prior to Serial Number Application
3060082-2, -3, -4, -6, -7 TFE731-20AR-1B 132223 Learjet 40/45
3060084-1, -2 TFE731-20BR-1B Learjet 40/40XR/45/45XR
3060020-8 thru -14 TFE731-20R-1B 111223 Learjet 45
3060050-1 TFE731-40-1C 115450 Falcon 50EX/50-40
3060040-4, -5 TFE731-40R-200G 113280 G100 (Astra SPX)
3062020-1 TFE731-40AR-200G 126296 G150
3060090-1 TFE731-50R-1H 122419 Hawker 900XP
3060000-4 TFE731-60-1C 112990 Falcon 900EX/900DX/900LX

*Please consult the appropriate SB to get further details regarding the applicable engines.

During the next CZI, it is recommended this special eddy current corrosion inspection be performed of the aft flange of front frame assemblies. Only front frame assemblies removed from engines that had composite bypass ducts installed are required to have the eddy current inspection.

Compliance with SB TFE731-72-5224: Inspect Or Replace Composite Bypass Ducts, is required at the same time as SBs TFE731-72-5222 & TFE731-72-5228RWK

Having this new NDT eddy current capability reduced downtime by up to two months and cuts the lead time to just days.