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Bombardier Challenger 604/Challenger 605 Aircraft: Inspection Program Evolution

June 2016

As we are all aware, operators must write in an aircraft maintenance logbook to which maintenance program each aircraft will be inspected. It is common to see MPD (maintenance planning document) entries stating the aircraft will follow the manufacturer’s current maintenance program or maybe the High Utilization Maintenance Program. Now that Bombardier has released the Evolved Maintenance Intervals program for the Bombardier Challenger 604* and Challenger 605* aircraft, I recommend operators be more specific in these statements to reduce potential ambiguity.

Challenger 604 MPDThe current or latest revision of the Bombardier inspection program found on the website or CD offers the Evolution Program as seen in the MPD screen shot below. At Duncan Aviation, we typically sell the current TLMC (Time Limits and Maintenance Checks) inspection program, which roughly mirrors the MPD sections 1- 3.

The uncertainty begins when the MPD entry states the aircraft is following the ‘current inspection program.’ While not wrong, this statement lacks any real details and can potentially lead to having your aircraft inspected against the wrong program.

For example, when was that statement entered into the logbooks? Was it established before the new Bombardier MPD revision? If so, then the requirements for the “current” maintenance program in the above statement is now under Section 7—Alternate Maintenance Planning Section.

Without a date reference, a maintenance service provider could easily interpret this statement as meaning the new Evolution Program, since it is actually the “current” program.

To build on that point, at Duncan Aviation we have experienced work cards and/or tracking services following pre-Evolution (Section 7—Alternate Maintenance Planning Section) tasks that are contradictory to sales quotes, due lists and TLMC.

I strongly recommend operators review both maintenance programs (Section 7—Alternate Maintenance Planning Section and current TLMC Evolved program), make a selection and notify their tracking services and their service providers of choice. This will ensure accurate work cards, sales quotes and estimated downtimes. 

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.