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Challenger Engine Alert: Oil Filter Analysis Interval

November 2009


Due to problems with the Tower Shaft Bearing, this SB has been released to change the Oil Filter Analysis interval in Specific Identified Engines. Until replacement of the Tower Shaft Bearing is accomplished, the intervals are now every 150-200 hrs from the normal 800 hr routine interval. Honeywell will review the Oil Filter Analysis and will report the results and recommendation within 24 hours.

Revision 1 was released Sept 18, 2009, to add 172 engines total affected by this SB. Engines that had previously complied with this SB will need to be reviewed to verify whether further action is necessary.


Honeywell is issuing HTF7000 Special Program 3 to clarify warranty program coverage for the repetitive oil filter analysis and replacement of the tower shaft bearing, if needed.

If you have any technical questions about your Honeywell engine, don’t hesitate to call.