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Citation Recommended SB For Proper Wattage Bulb Installation

June 2010

Citation has recently received reports of aft divider side ledge lights with bulbs installed at a higher wattage than what is called out in the Interior Maintenance Manual and the Aircraft Illustrated Parts Manual.

These bulbs can create excessive heat that could potentially burn items placed on top. Cessna has issued Recommended Service Bulletins SB750-33-16 (Model 750), SB650-33-23 (Model 650) and SB560XL-33-02 (Model 560XL) to inspect the side ledge lights for proper bulb installation, and replace improper wattage bulbs; P/N 1308, with the proper wattage bulb; P/N 301.

Even if the applicable SB has been complied with, verification is still recommended since bulb replacement could have occurred after compliance of the SB. Such was the case of a Citation Model 750 found to still have the improper wattage bulb installed. A passenger, after noticing a burning smell, discovered a pillow wedged against the right-hand side ledge light assembly. This singed pillow was the cause of the odor.

As always, it is important to ensure that all parts replaced meet the OEM design specifications and are of the proper P/N. We encourage everyone re-inspect Model 560XL/650/750 aft divider side ledge lights for proper bulb installation per instructions contained in the applicable SB.