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Citation Sovereign Inspection Safety

December 2017

With the amount of work performed by Duncan Aviation on a private fleet of Citation 680 (Sovereign) aircraft, our technicians have gained a tremendous amount of hands-on knowledge. Because the maintenance on this fleet has preceded that of other Sovereign aircraft, we have had the opportunity to develop tooling and perform many tasks that have yet to come due for the rest of the Sovereign population. 

There are many items that come due at high hours and cycles on which we have performed maintenance that the rest of the fleet has yet to realize will be required.

For Example

The Citation 680 has an inspection requirement that sounds simple enough to accomplish, but in reality is fairly complex. This inspection comes at the 7,500 hour interval and requires the horizontal stabilizer to not only have the pivot bolts removed, but the stab must also be moved above the pivot lugs for a proper Eddy Current inspection to be performed. With the amount of access required, the weight of the stabilizer is a safety concern.

Without a proper lifting fixture, moving the stabilizer is not only difficult but unsafe to do by sheer manpower. 

At Duncan Aviation, we have had the opportunity to perform several of these inspections and have developed special tooling to safely and efficiently perform the work.

Our experience and knowledge of tooling needs, maintenance pitfalls, and safety concerns can be advantages to all Citation operators.

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