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Deadline Approaching For The ECU Update For Honeywell HTF7000 Engines on Challenger 300

July 2023


With the deadline for these Service Bulletins fast approaching, nearly 30% of the Challenger 300 fleet has yet to comply. 

Duncan Aviation gives operators three ways to comply.

  1. Visit any of our Honeywell Authorized Service Centers in Battle Creek, MI, Lincoln, NE, or Provo, UT
  2. Ship your ECUs to our HTF Authorized Service Center in Lincoln, NE. 
  3. Our Engine Rapid Response Teams will come to your hangar. 

Continue reading for aircraft configuration requirements. 

Bombardier and Honeywell Aerospace have released corresponding SBs (Service Bulletins) 100-72-01 and SB AS907-76-9031, and they apply to all Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft equipped with Honeywell HTF7000 (AS907-1-1A) engines. These SBs will be completed at no charge to the operator if taken to a Honeywell Authorized AS907 Service Center, such as Duncan Aviation. They require the aircraft to be in fully functional, operating order; the aircraft cannot be partially dismantled for maintenance or inspections.

These service bulletins do not apply to the Challenger 350 or HT7350 (AS907-2-1A) engines.

Honeywell’s SB AS907-76-9031 upgrades the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software from V10B to V11B. It also changes the part number from PN 2119576-1011 to PN 2119576-1013, and includes a new, physically attached nameplate updated with the new part number.

The new software addresses the susceptibility to engine surge during takeoff climb out if a significant temperature inversion exists that was identified and classified as a safety issue. There are many other updates included, and you can find them in the SB document.

Honeywell has categorized this as a CAT 1 SAFETY SB and recommends it be completed at your next scheduled engine or airframe maintenance but no later than November 27, 2023.

If not previously complied with, SB AS907-76-9021 should be completed at the same time. This SB applies sealant to prevent water from entering the ECU.

If you have questions about Service Bulletin AS907-76-9031, call Shawn Schmitz, Engine Tech Rep, at +1 402.730.8767 or email: Shawn.Schmitz@DuncanAviation.com.

To schedule upcoming engine maintenance, call any one of Duncan Aviation’s Engine Service Sales Reps.