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Don’t Forget The ECCP For Your Bombardier Aircraft

February 2023

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It is inevitable. Aircraft are prone to corrosion. Once corrosion forms on an aircraft, it can spread quickly and undetected, causing severe damage before being discovered.

At Duncan Aviation, we recommend you take a proactive approach to corrosion prevention. This is very important if you fly in coastal areas around the world, especially areas that use potassium formate or similar chemical runway de-icing fluids or areas of high atmospheric contamination.

The Environmental Corrosion Control and Prevention Guidelines (ECCP) for all Global*, Challenger*, and Learjet* variants are available on the Bombardier customer portal library. They are a great source of information regarding in-service Modsums, Service Bulletins, and Advisory Wires for corrosion prevention. In addition, there is a list of suggested TLMC tasks which are recommended to be performed at earlier intervals. Familiarize yourself with this document when planning your next major event with Duncan Aviation.


*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.