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Duncan Aviation Has Experts to Help With Cross-Border Aircraft Transactions

February 2017

Over the last several years, more and more business aircraft have been involved in cross-border transactions. That means more imports, exports, modifications, approvals, deregistrations and registrations are taking place in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

Duncan Aviation's Dan Moody works with the company’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team to add his global expertise and consultant advice to the aircraft sales process. This helps the sales team and their customers better predict and avoid potential trouble based in cross-border transactions.

There are two major processes that have to take place when an aircraft is registered in one country and sold to a buyer in another: an export and an import. The aircraft has to be deregistered and exported from the country of registration with an Export Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A). The aircraft is transported and clears customs. Then an Import C of A will need to be issued for the new country of registration. That C of A is only released when the aircraft has conformed to the local civil aviation authority's regulations and requirements.

"When customers are looking to purchase or sell an aircraft in another country, we can help guide them through the process and let them accurately know how long the process will likely take and how much it's going to cost," says Dan. "That way, they know whether that lower base price or those added features are really worth it in the end. We can also help buyers and sellers avoid last-minute surprises that often cause sales agreements to unravel."

Moody has decades of aviation experience and has been instrumental in helping Duncan Aviation develop procedures to ensure the company's customers comply with everything they need to during a transaction.

"It's not an exact science, and things change pretty frequently," says Moody. "But I've gone through this process more than 70 times and know where the potential pitfalls lie."

His extensive experience allows him to easily spot things that may cause an aircraft to be held up in a hangar for months, accruing additional costs while attempting to complete an import.

Since different countries have different civil aviation authorities with differing regulatory requirements, contrasting legal requirements, varied customs qualifications, distinct currencies and a medley of ways to conduct business, an already complicated process can become even more so.

"With Dan’s help, our aircraft consignment and acquisition customers are able to take full advantage of market opportunities around the world while keeping the process simple," says Duncan Aviation Marketing and New Business Development Vice President Steve Gade.

Founded in 1956 as a business aircraft sales organization, Duncan Aviation has been locating, buying and selling business aircraft for customers worldwide for nearly 60 years. Operating in all kinds of market conditions, Duncan Aviation's aircraft sales consultants Bob McCammon, Rene Cardona, Doug Kvassay, Doug Roth, and market analyst Marc McKenzie, have the experience of more than 3,000 aircraft transactions to help them provide customers with the best acquisition and sales options to maximize their clients' aircraft investments. They are backed by the technical knowledge and expertise of Duncan Aviation's 2,100 team members, whose resources help the aircraft sales team make connections, value aircraft, determine future aircraft worth and truly understand the business aviation market.

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