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Duncan Aviation Holds ADS-B Out STC for Hawker 800/Hawker 800XP

May 2016

ADS-B Graphic (Mobile)Duncan Aviation recently completed a Supplemental Type Certification (STC), which will upgrade existing Honeywell Primus radios in Hawker 800/800XP aircraft so they’re ADS-B Out compliant. This STC allows Hawker owner/operators to keep their aircraft in an industry standard configuration while still meeting the upcoming ADS-B mandates.

ADS-B Out lets aircraft automatically transmit position data to ATC ground stations and to other aircraft in the area that are equipped with ADS-B In. ADS-B Out is going to be mandated by the FAA in the airspace that now requires a Mode-C transponder. Our STC #ST01811WI integrates ADS-B Out functionality into existing Honeywell Primus radios, adds ADS-B Out functionality to the RM-855 Radio Management Units (RMU), and adds a standalone GPS receiver.

If your Hawker still has the legacy RM-850 RMUs, please know there is no capable path to ADS-B compliance with that unit. Honeywell has replaced it with the RM-855 that features a bright, new LCD screen. While you’re in here getting your ADS-B upgrade, we’ll install new RM-855s in place of your RM-850s as a pair.

We have already installed this type of Honeywell solution on a Global, Learjet, and Cessna aircraft, and know it works. More importantly, though, owner/operators who go with this solution are meeting the mandate well before December 31, 2019. Remember, on January 1, 2020, flight restrictions begin at 10,000 feet and above and down to as low as 3,500 feet depending on location. You’re basically grounding yourself if you don’t meet this mandate.

As part of Duncan Aviation’s STC development program for this aircraft, you will receive 50% off a new or existing HAPP (Honeywell Avionics Protection Program) program the first year, 25% off the second and third year each of HAPP plan. These savings can easily amount to more than $50,000 on a typical corporate flight department HAPP program and are available immediately, even if you plan on installing the system after your renewal date.

Duncan Aviation holds or has access to 33 solutions for ADS-B, which allows us to perform upgrades on more than 100 aircraft model variations. Additionally, the company holds or has access to FANS solutions for 15 aircraft models. In addition to these solutions, we work on a situational basis to secure validations from other international Civil Aviation Authorities for the company's NextGen FAA STCs.

For more information, visit the Duncan Aviation NextGen landing page (www.DuncanAviation.aero/nextgen) to see the mandate deadlines and a searchable database that lists STCs available by aircraft make/model.


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