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Electronic Logbook Entries with myDuncan

April 2016

We recently added an electronic logbook feature to our web-based project management system, myDuncan. Now all of our customers who have a myDuncan account are now able to view their logbook entries in real-time, categorized by airframe or engine, while at the same time communicating directly with inspectors through the system.

Allowing access to logbook entries during maintenance events gets conversations started sooner, saving time later. Being able to address questions or issues surrounding logbook entries early means they are not left until delivery day and helps to ensure an on-time and high-quality delivery of the project.

By the end of 2016, there are two other myDuncan enhancements scheduled for release:

  • A quote review and approval feature allowing customers to view sales quotes through myDuncan, including options to compare quotes, see revisions, and electronically approve an agreement.
  • A flowchart/calendar feature that will allow customers the ability to watch as their aircraft progresses through project milestones.

myDuncan is available to all Duncan Aviation customers with aircraft projects in work at a Duncan Aviation facility.