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Falcon 2000 Wing Anti-Ice Tube Corrosion

June 2009

When removing the over-the-wing anti-ice lines, p/n F2MA724451 and -452, during the Falcon C inspection, watch for corrosion on the clamps and tubing holding the left-hand and right-hand peri-seal heat shields in place. This is just aft of the emergency exit. The shield is held on with a worm clamp that is isolated with a rubber extrusion. Duncan Aviation technicians have noticed overheating and pitting corrosion on the clamp’s inner surface as well as the anti-ice line itself. Also note that the heat shield is clocked to protect the fuselage and not the Karmon panel.

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Clamp location affected by corrosion. Corrosion under clamp Clamp with burned and brittle rubber inserts