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Falcon: Detailed Inspection of the Horizontal Box and Front/Rear Spars

August 2016

Falcon-Spar-InspectionLess than a year ago, two new CPCP maintenance task cards that require a detailed inspection of the horizontal spars and internal box structure were introduced by Dassault Falcon Jet.  

Tasks 55-10-00-220-801 and -802 are new 2C requirements and are due on all out of production F50, F900 and F2000 with a non-composite H-stab. This would make them come due at the next like inspection if the aircraft is 12 years or older.  

Also, task card 55-10-00-220-801, which is an internal DET inspection of the H-stab through the removed tip cap fairing, requires a video boroscope at least 13 feet in length that most shops do not have in their GSE inventory.

Aircraft NOT Affected

Here is a list of aircraft by serial number that have composite H-stabs but are not affected by this new requirement. Please check your aircraft for any deviation of this list.

F50EX                    s/n ≥ 315

F900C                    s/n 186-202

F900EX                  s/n ≥ 74

F2000                    s/n 123, 125, 126, ≥ 128

F2000EX               all s/n