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Falcon Starter Interference with Engine V-Band Clamp

October 2010

During installation of the #2 engine starter/generator on a Falcon 50B and 50EX, there is a possibility of interference between the V-Band clamp and the starter/generator at the 12:00 position of the starter/generator (see photo). Dassault offers a new style V-Band clamp, p/n F50B258708130 with a relief notch that provides clearance to prevent the interference (chaffing).

Occasionally, Duncan Aviation technicians have found this new style V-Band clamp installed incorrectly with the notch not oriented correctly to prevent the chaffing. During your next inspection in this area, first look to see if this new style clamp is installed and if so make sure it is orientated to prevent this interference.

For questions about this or other Falcon technical issues, contact your Duncan Aviation Falcon Tech Rep.

starter generator chaff mark new style v clamp p/n F50B258708130 starter generator intereference area


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