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Full Service Capacity Expansion Underway at Duncan Aviation-Provo

May 2018

In response to customer requests for full Duncan Aviation services in the western U.S., Duncan Aviation has begun construction on a maintenance, modifications and paint complex at its Provo, Utah, location. The expansion includes a large maintenance/modifications center and an innovative paint facility. The first hangar and the paint facility will be completed by the first quarter of 2019 and the second hangar with full interior and refurbishment capabilities will be done in early 2020.

The Provo expansion will offer the same interior capabilities as the completions facilities Duncan Aviation has in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Battle Creek, Michigan. We will have full cabinet, finish and upholstery shops. The facility will have the latest technology in glue and paint spray booths along with LED and natural lighting for our employees to ensure that Duncan Aviation quality is maintained in everything we do. 

Our paint facility and maintenance shop spaces will use the most recent technologies available. This will include energy-efficient LED lighting; and air quality control and paint booth technology that will provide an increase in product and environmental quality. Standardized processes, materials and tooling between our Battle Creek, Lincoln, and Provo shops will allow us to increase capacity in all of our Interior, Paint, Installations and Aircraft service areas. Cross-utilization of our various CNC and advanced technology machinery will also allow all Duncan Aviation locations to be efficient and improve quality.

When completed, the Provo paint shops will most likely be the greenest business jet paint facility on the planet. With its evaporative waste treatment process, there will be no liquid discharge to the city from the paint process.  Our discharged air from the paint facility will be treated by a state-of-the-art, regenerative thermal oxidizer, removing close to 98% of airborne contaminants.