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Gulfstream GIV: Troubleshooting High Engine RPMs

March 2023

RPM.pngDuring recent outgoing engine runs on a Gulfstream GIV, Duncan Aviation technicians noticed the Left Engine HP Idle RPM on the Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 was 66% (Approach Idle), and the Right Engine was 48-49% (GND Idle).  The LP RPM and Fuel Flow agreed with the higher HP RPM of the left engine.

This led the technicians to suspect the Approach Idle Solenoid Valve was stuck open, accounting for the additional 18% of HP RPM. The valve is powered closed when the aircraft is on the ground.

After verifying 28v and a GND were present at the Solenoid Valve, the valve was replaced, and an Operational Check was performed. All engine indications were now reading correctly at GND Idle.

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