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Honeywell AS907 Inspection Intervals

June 2021

Duncan Aviation Engine Tech Reps and Sales Reps field many questions regarding the required inspection intervals for the Honeywell HTF7000/AS907 Series engine.

Inspection intervals are listed in Chapter 5 of the Engine Maintenance Manual (MM). Below is a summary of the AS907 inspection intervals and applicable SBs (Service Bulletins). SB incorporation is determined by engine serial number.

Please note that Chapter 5 of the Engine MM should always be consulted when determining engine maintenance requirements, and the below information should be considered reference only.

Routine & Borescope Inspections
Airframe/Engine Model Previous Interval (hours) Extended Interval (hours) Required Service Bulletins
Challenger 300/AS907-1-1A 4,000/4,200 4,800 AS907-72-9048, R0
8,000 9,600 AS907-73-A9004, R1
AS907-72-9044, R4
AS907-76-9021, R1
      AS907-72-9001, R2
Challenger 350/AS907-2-1A 4,000/4,200 4,800 AS907-76-9021, R1
  8,000 9,600 AS907-72-9001, R2
Gulfstream G280/AS907-2-1G 4,000 4,800 AS907-76-9021, R1
  8,000 9,600 AS907-72-9001, R2
Embraer Legacy 450/500 4,000 4,500 AS907-76-9021, R1
Praetor 500/600
AS907-3-1E 8,000 9,000 AS907-72-9001, R2
Cessna 700 Longitude/AS907-2-1S 4,000 4,800 AS907-76-9021, R1
  8,000 9,600 AS907-72-9001, R2

Engine Component Life Limits

Consult Chapter 5 of the LMM for Manufacturer's Life-Limited Component Replacement Recommendations and Service Life Limits for Critical Components specific to your engine.