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Honeywell Releases Service Bulletin To Replace No. 6 Bearing Oil Supply Tubes on TFE731 Engines

January 2021


Honeywell released SB (Service Bulletin) TFE731-79-5134 on November 23, 2020.

This SB applies to the following TFE731 engines:
-20R-1B / -20AR-1B /-20BR-1B Learjet 40 Series
-40-1C Falcon 50EX, 50-40
-40AR-200G G150
-40BR-1B Learjet 70/75
-40R-200G G100 (Astra SPX)
-50R-1H Hawker 900XP
-60-1C Falcon 900EX/DX/LX

This recommended SB addresses oil leaks, low oil pressure, and in-flight shutdown events resulting from cracked No. 6 bearing oil supply tubes. There have been reports of cracks found on the supply tube at the brazed support bracket, creating the possibility for leakage of oil to the aft No. 6 bearing.

This SB calls for replacing the No. 6 oil supply tube and must be performed by an Authorized Honeywell Service Facility. Honeywell also recommends this SB be accomplished at the next cause for removal or MPI, whichever comes first.

MSP covers the cost of compliance for engines enrolled in the program.