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Important Information About Your Gogo Wi-Fi System

April 2024


In early 2026, Gogo Business Aviation will transition its ATG (air-to-ground) network to newer and more enhanced LTE (Long-Term Evolution network) technology. At that time, their legacy ATG systems (ATG 8000, 5000, 4000, 2000, and 1000) will no longer be able to access its network, and aircraft with legacy ATG equipment on board will no longer have in-flight connectivity from Gogo.   

LTE Technology Improvements

The new LTE technology will significantly improve your aircraft’s connectivity. AVANCE L3 customers will see a 40% increase in performance, and AVANCE L5 customers 10%. And AVANCE delivers several other benefits such as over-the-air software updates and Gogo Vision, the company’s inflight entertainment service, which is built into every AVANCE system.

AVANCE System Exchange

If you already have an AVANCE system on your aircraft, it’s possible that you’ll need to exchange that system for a more current AVANCE system to have access to the new LTE network. All AVANCE LRUs manufactured before mid-2021 will need to be exchanged for a newer LRU before January 2026 to avoid loss of connectivity.

What you need to do

Look up the serial number of your AVANCE LRU.  If the serial number is numerical only, you need to request an exchange unit.  Serial numbers ending with an E are already LTE capable and no further action is necessary.

Request a replacement AVANCE box from your nearest Duncan Aviation satellite shop.  We’ll schedule the replacement at a time convenient for you.

AVANCE L3 Upgrade & Downtime

Duncan Aviation’s Engineering & Certification Services has developed STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) covering the equipment upgrade from Gogo’s legacy ATG systems to the newer AVANCE L3 system for the Falcon 2000 and Hawker 800XP aircraft.

Upgrading to the AVANCE L3 from an ATG system requires a simple box swap—removing the ATG LRU (line replacement unit) and replacing it with the AVANCE L3 LRU.

Downtime for the upgrade is minimal – five business days in most cases.

AVANCE L5 Upgrade & STCs

The AVANCE L5 features full streaming capabilities and cloud computing in addition to inflight email, text, and phone capabilities.

Duncan Aviation STCs covering the Wi-Fi certification and full equipment and antenna installation of the AVANCE L5:

  • Citation 680 and 750
  • CL 300, 350, 601-3A, 601-3R, 604, 605, and 650
  • GLEXs, XRS, 5000, and 6000
  • Gulfstream G-IV, G300, G400, GIV-X, G350, and G450
  • Falcon 900, 900C, and 900EX (EASy, LX, DX)
  • Falcon 2000 and 2000EX (EASy, DX, LX, LXS, S)

In addition to FAA approval, all of Duncan Aviation’s STCs for the AVANCE L3 and L5 have also received TCCA (Transport Canada) approval.

Duncan Aviation Gogo AVANCE Slot Program

Duncan Aviation is offering a slot program that designates capacity at one of its Satellite locations for upgrades/installations of a Gogo AVANCE Wi-Fi system. The program lets operators select a favorable time slot at the Satellite facility of their choice and ensures they can complete the installation before their older equipment no longer supports connectivity. 

Taking advantage of the Duncan Aviation Satellite slot program for upgrades or installations is easy. Feel free to call the Duncan Aviation Satellite nearest you (https://duncanaviation.aero/locations/#satellites) or call Regional Avionics Sales Manager John Spellmeyer at +1 316.214.8867 to hold a slot for your aircraft.

More helpful links

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