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Lack of Trace Paperwork Will Cost You Money

February 2020

Nothing stops an aircraft core exchange transaction quicker than missing paperwork. When core units are returned to Duncan Aviation without the necessary information, valuable time is spent gathering it.   

Core paperwork supplies very important information

  • Current cycles/hours—required for cores that have life limit restrictions per OEM return to service requirements.
  • Non Incident statement—certifying that parts removed were not from an incident related aircraft.
  • Military/Government sourcing—certifying that parts removed were not obtained from a military or government source (sometimes this may not be acceptable).

Missing trace paperwork will cost you money

Without the necessary trace paperwork, we are unable to process the core into our system, starting the path to repair and return to service.  Additional charges such as non-return of the core and late fees, ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars may also apply. Failure to provide this information may also result in rejection of the core.  


An 8130 tag from Duncan Aviation is a powerful document. We stand behind our work and the reliability of any aircraft part we work on. Therefore, any unit returned without the required information, (aircraft removal, defect, times and cycles-if applicable and non-incident statement) will be placed on hold.

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