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Maintaining Your Silver Pneumatic De-icers

January 2020

Do you notice more silver pneumatic de-icers on aircraft these days?  Collins Aerospace, Goodrich® SILVERboot™ de-icers are becoming the choice for jet aircraft offering premium appearance and resistance to cold-cracking. Containing metal flake impregnated into the rubber, SILVERboot™ de-icers provide a metallic look to the aircraft leading edges. It is important to note that specific products and procedures have been developed to maintain their superior appearance.

Avoid Aggressive Scrubbing

Though it sounds counterproductive when removing marks, aggressively scrubbing silver de-icers, especially with a dry cloth, should be avoided as it can cause a disruption to the metal flake. Aggressive scrubbing can cause the metal flake to bend and result in a darker appearance on the surface of the de-icer.  It eventually normalizes, but in the short term, it may leave dark areas that affect the appearance of the boot. 

Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to preventing permanent marks, especially from bugs. Because bugs are acidic, when left on the de-icer, they begin to attack the material. Goodrich® Aerospace Cleaner™ P/N 74-451-238-32 should be used on a regular basis to clean the de-icers to prevent stains from occurring. The process below summarizes the steps that should be taken to provide appropriate protection beyond regular cleaning.

 Goodrich Silverboot