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Obsolescence Of Universal Avionics Nav Database Download Devices

November 2022

SSDTU_1408_gry_fc_ppt (10-31-2022).png

If you're still using Universal Avionics floppy disk or ZIP disk Data Transfer Units to download the Nav database into your FMSes you might want to consider upgrading to flash memory technology. ZIP disks are no longer manufactured and it’s very hard to find replacements. Floppy disks are also hard to find and finding a computer that still uses them is very difficult. The size of the Nav database increases every year. It currently takes over a dozen floppy disks to update and you have to accomplish this every month. Universal Avionics no longer supports these dataloaders and exchanges are no longer available.

Upgrading your aircraft with a SSDTU (Solid-State Data Transfer Unit) replaces floppy and ZIP disk technology with flash memory technology. The SSDTU has two storage device ports. These ports support USB (Universal Serial Bus) and SD (Secure Digital) data storage devices and also USB CD/DVD ROM disk drives, Mini and Micro SD cards are also supported with adapters.

If you’re still struggling with floppy or ZIP disk Nav database updates, we encourage you to contact the nearest Duncan Aviation satellite location.

For the nearest Duncan Aviation location please refer to the following link - https://www.duncanaviation.aero/locations/