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Primus II RNZ: AD 2010-07-02

May 2010

Honeywell has issued Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2010-07-02 for Primus II RNZ units addressing erroneous localizer and glideslope indications that have occurred on certain aircraft equipped with the following Honeywell part numbers:

  • 7510100 -811 thru -814
  • -831 thru -834
  • -901 thru -904
  • -911 thru -914
  • -921 thru -924
  • -931 thru -934

The AD affects the following NV-850 navigation modules (part of the RNZ) without Mod T.

  • 7510134-811, -831, -901, -931
  • 7510134-611, -631, -701, -731

This AD ensures that the flightcrew has accurate localizer and glideslope deviation indications. An erroneous localizer or glideslope deviation indication could lead to the making of an approach off the localizer, which could result in impact with an obstacle or terrain.

Basically, AD 2010-07-02 requires the following part numbers to be converted:

NV-850 Part Numbers Converted to (with Mod T installed)
7510134 -811 7510134 -611
  -831   -631
  -901   -701
  -931   -731

The AD is a simple process that requires a microwave pad for the NV-850 and installation of new Product, ID and Mod plates to the RNZ and NV-850 for future quick reference that the AD has been complied with.

Best of all, this AD is covered under Honeywell warranty. For more information about the Honeywell warranty, contact a Components Solutions Tech Rep.