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Q&A: Is the RVSM Manual Required?

September 2009



If our aircraft is RVSM certified, are we required to carry an RVSM manual on board?

Chief Pilot, Montana



If your aircraft is RVSM certified, you are required to carry an RVSM manual on board the aircraft at all times.

This manual is critical for providing instructions on how to maintain the RVSM capability of your aircraft. It includes items such as repainting the RVSM area, repairing damage and routine maintenance. For some operators, it will state whether maintenance personnel are required to have specific training from you. This manual may say to use a service bulletin, STC, or airframe maintenance manual to perform the maintenance. Most importantly for your maintenance provider, it gives the requirements for technical data and training so your aircraft can be returned to service.

When work of any nature is performed on an RVSM-certified aircraft, the corrective action write-up must state that the RVSM manual was used. If the RVSM manual says to use a service bulletin or maintenance manual, a service provider must state that the RVSM manual was used in conjunction with the service bulletin or maintenance manual.

This manual ensures a smooth and prompt chain of events during maintenance, maintaining RVSM compliance and keeping you on schedule.

Paul Cummings, Avionics Manager