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Slat Dents and the Fluxtronic Electronic Dent Remover System

March 2018

IMG_7367Dassault has recently published new Structural Repair Manual criteria, 57-40-01 and 57-40-03 along with a Microsoft Excel Assistance Tool, to give a more defined and quicker assessment to slat dents. This can be found in the DFJ portal in the Library Maintenance Technical Information.

As an additional reminder, even if the dents are outside the SRM criteria you do have an option.

The Duncan Aviation facilities have been using a Dassault SRM approved electronic dent removal system provided by “Fluxtronic” since 2005 with great success. Fluxtronic routinely travels onsite and works directly with Duncan Aviation technicians to quickly return your aircraft back to service in a fraction of the cost of a replacement unit.