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The FAA Updates 5G Guidance In Safety Alerts For Operators

December 2023

5G.jpgThe FAA recently updated guidance regarding the adverse effects of 5G C-Band interference on radio altimeters. The FAA is recommending operators equip aircraft with 5G C-Band bandpass filters or new 5G C-Band tolerant radio altimeters as soon as possible. This urgency stems from the rapid proliferation of 5G networks and their potential interference with a critical avionics system.

The C-Band, a frequency range allocated for 5G communication, is close to the frequency used by radio altimeters. Without a dedicated filter or C-Band tolerant radio altimeter, the risk of interference is heightened. This could potentially compromise the accuracy and reliability of radio altimeter readings. To mitigate this risk and ensure the continued safety of flight operations, operators are strongly advised to proactively invest in and install solutions that eliminate the risk of radio altimeter interference.

As 5G networks expand globally, the potential for interference will only increase. The early adoption of 5G C-Band bandpass filters or the installation of new 5G C-Band tolerant radio altimeters presents a competitive advantage for aircraft operators. Proactively addressing the challenge posed by 5G interference can enhance operational efficiency, reduce the risk of in-flight anomalies, bolster overall reliability, and contribute to a positive safety record.

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