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Tool Cleanliness Affects Accuracy

August 2010

Cleanliness of dimensional measuring tools affects accuracy. This is especially true in depth micrometers where depth rods ends and mating surfaces are critical to accuracy. Many of the depth micrometers we receive read less accurate because there is a build-up of gunk on the depth rod mating and gauging surfaces.

Torque wrenches need to be stored on the minimum setting. There is a spring inside some torque wrenches. If the wrench is stored at a higher setting, the spring will be compressed. This prolonged compression can permanently change the spring and cause incorrect torque readings.

If the "Low Battery" indicator comes on, it is time to change the batteries. This sounds simple, but it is important. Many of these tools need to have a certain battery voltage to maintain accuracy. If the battery voltage is too low the tool might still operate, but the accuracy could no longer be within the stated range.

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