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Top Eight Questions Customers Have About Aircraft Engines

March 2018

I travel extensively throughout the Great Lakes Region of the United States visiting Duncan Aviation customers and introducing myself to new 1Q2A9877 (Medium)prospects. I listen to their needs and answer all their questions. Although they may work for different companies and fly different make/model aircraft, they have the same concerns and questions when it comes to maintaining aircraft.

When we discuss engine services, I can just about predict what they will ask. So much so, I started writing a list of the questions with answers so I was prepared to respond with the most correct information.

I’m also quite certain that aircraft operators everywhere are interested in this information.

Here are the answers to the most common aircraft engine service questions I am asked when visiting customers:

Question: What engine platforms is Duncan Aviation authorized in? 



  • TFE731 Line/Major/Heavy
  • HTF7000/AS907 Line/Minor
  • CFE738 / ALF502 Line
  • APU Line/HSI

Pratt & Whitney

  • PT6, JT15D, PW500 Series Line/HSI
  • PW300, PW600 Series Line

Rolls Royce

  • BR710 A1-10, C4-11, A2-20 Line
  • Spey 511-8/Tay 610-8, 611-8C Line
  • AE3007A Line


  • CF34 Line/Major/HSI


  • FJ44 Line

Question: Does Duncan Aviation have an available turbine engine rental pool?

Answer: Duncan Aviation-owned, in-house inventory of available rental engines include the following models: HTF7000, HTF7350 and TFE731 (-2C, -3, -5B, -5R -20, -40, and -60). Duncan Aviation customers also have complete access to OEM rental banks for all engine models.

1Q2A0004_SMQuestion: What maintenance service plans do you support? 

Answer: MSP, MSP Gold, ESP, ESP Gold, Non-program, EAP, CorporateCare, On-Point, Smart Parts, Tap, Tap Blue, Tap Elite, JSSI, New Engine Warranty.

Question: What is the average downtime for an MPI (Major Periodic Inspection) event? 

Answer: Your engines will spend about 3-4 days in the Duncan Aviation engine overhaul shop in addition to engine R&Rs.  

Question: What is the average downtime for a CZI (Core Zone Inspection) event? 

Answer: For a CZI, we encourage you to plan for a 45-day average downtime.

Question: Does Duncan Aviation have access to Honeywell serviceable engine parts?

Answer: Duncan Aviation has several million dollars of serviceable engine parts available.

Question: What is your engine warranty?

Answer: Duncan Aviation covers workmanship from major event to major event or next entry.

Question: What do you charge for AOG engine support? 

Answer: Duncan Aviation charges a flat travel rate dependent on the workscope.