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Universal Avionics Trade-In Program

June 2015

For many years one of the greatest bargains in business aviation has been the trade-in program operated by Universal Avionics. This program provides significant financial incentives to operators who trade in antiquated FMS equipment for newer makes of Universal FMS.

If your aircraft is equipped with an older FMS, here are a few reasons to upgrade.

  1. By upgrading your equipment, you are protecting the value of your aircraft at the time of sale. We have often seen operators make large concessions when bringing their aircraft to market because it has not received timely avionics updates. Among those updates, the FMS is an aircraft modification that is closely reviewed by aircraft brokers.
  2. Newer FMS equipment increases operational safety. It is more reliable and presents a clearer picture of the aircraft's situation over previous generations of equipment. Its intuitive layout reduces crew workload.
  3. Most of the newer Universal FMS makes are installed with WAAS / LPV. WAAS / LPV increases the capabilities of the aircraft when landing at an airport equipped with WAAS approaches. WAAS approaches, in many cases, significantly reduce minimums well below those required for a standard RNAV or ILS approach.
  4. A significant feature of new Universal FMS equipment is enhanced RNP (required navigational performance). Many regions, including the Caribbean, have RNP requirements. Having an older FMS may leave you unable to fly in certain airspaces, or at an altitude that is desirable. The latest FMS from Universal meet nearly all RNP requirements.

Universal Avionics has reduced the cost of a great product by providing trade-in credits for many makes of older FMS. Upgrading your aircraft with a new Universal FMS will help take your aircraft into the 21st century operationally and also protect its value.