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What Do You Do When A New 5-10 Task Is Introduced Into The Falcon Jet MPD?

October 2023

1 Falcon-Airframe_Oct 23.jpgAccording to the 05-10 Aircraft Maintenance Operations section of the AMM (Airframe Maintenance Manual), there are four types of Chapter 5-10 inspections:

  1. 12M (month) periodic
  2. B FH (flight hours)
  3. C inspection
  4. Basic

New 5-10 Tasks In The MPD

When a new 5-10 task gets introduced into the MPD (maintenance planning document), it becomes due at the next inspection interval of the same type.

Let’s walk through the example of a new 36M task card.  

If a 36M inspection has not been performed since the last C inspection, according to Section 7 of the MPD instructions, this new task is due at the next 36M inspection. Easy enough.

But what if you have already completed a 36M inspection? This can be misinterpreted to mean the new task comes due at the next 36M inspection. This would be incorrect.

Remember, new tasks come due at the next inspection of the same type. In this case, this new 36M task would be due at the next 12M interval.