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Why doesn't my starter generator make TBO?

April 2010

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question many times. And I could provide you several different answers. But a better question would be: What can I do to get my starter generator to make it to the Time Between Overhaul (TBO)?

There are a great number of starter generators from many manufacturers, all with one thing in common: they all need modifications to greatly improve their lives and reliability.

Three popular starter generator modifications include the following:

  • Cooling the unit by increasing airflow
  • Ceramic bearings to reduce the friction caused by heating steel bearings
  • Longer-life brushes made from a hardened carbon material.

Whatever the mod may be, it is meant to increase the life and time between failures of the unit.

When your starter generator is in need of overhaul, keep these modifications in mind and ask your overhaul facility what modifications they recommend to get the full life out of your unit and alleviate the unscheduled downtime of a unit that didn’t make it to the TBO.


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