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Write It Down. Write It Down. If It Happened To Your Aircraft, Write It Down

October 2020

You've heard it before, but we cannot over-emphasize the importance of accurate and complete aircraft records. This becomes more and more important as an aircraft ages and/or changes ownership. Completion records like “Instructions for Continued Airworthiness” (ICA) can be easily overlooked or lost.

When an aircraft comes in for major inspections and modifications at Duncan Aviation, we use the aircraft specific prints, interior completion manuals, placard drawings, ICA, etc. Of course, 14 CFR 43.9 and 43.11 require documenting maintenance and inspections respectively. But good maintenance records are also import if your aircraft is moving onto a charter (Part 135) certificate or if it’s going through an import/export event.

A good pre-buy research will look for gaps in the preventative maintenance history or modifications that are missing the STC or burn package. Records not transferred to the new owner can become expensive to replace and provide a frustrating experience down the road. Obtaining wiring prints, parts lists, completion manuals, drawings and ICAs can be difficult or impossible to replace if the modifier is no longer in business.

Dirty Fingerprint

Keep reading about how a detailed logbook benefits your aircraft now and in the future.

Dirty Fingerprint: How Detailed Logbook Entries Benefit Your Aircraft