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Duncan Aviation Aurora Satellite Workaway Adds Securaplane Emergency Power Services

Justin Weber, Crew Leader with Duncan Aviation's Satellite Workaway in Aurora, Oregon, now provides service for Securaplane power supplies. Click image for high-res download.

LINCOLN, NEB. — Nearly a year ago, Duncan Aviation received FAA approval to expand the company’s Satellite services in Oregon to the airport in Aurora (UAO). Since then, demand from customers has continued to grow, and the Duncan Aviation workaway in Aurora recently added emergency power services to its line up of capabilities.

In the last year, Satellite Avionics Crew Lead Justin Weber has performed several two-year pito-static certifications, a few transponder certifications, resolved dozens of unscheduled squawks, performed some minor equipment installations, and repaired wires for various customers on the ramp.

“We’re getting more and more business, and we’ve expanded our capabilities to Securaplane power supplies. We’re providing a service that previously hasn’t been available to customers at the Aurora airport,” says Manager of the Portland, Oregon, Satellite Jonathan Almeida. “Even if you don’t have an inspection coming up, if you need a check of the emergency power, we can provide that service.”

The best part is that the turn-around time is 2-3 days.

“If customers have to ship the battery off to have it bench-tested for its recurring maintenance tests, the shipping alone will take 2-3 days,” says Almeida. “We’re getting it tested, serviced, charged, and returned in that amount of time.”

Additionally, Crew Leader Satellite Avionics Justin Weber at the Aurora location, has some loaners in the event the battery must be shipped away.

“Customers love having Justin just down the ramp from them,” says Almeida. “He’s easy to work with and knowledgeable, and now he’s providing one more service for customers at the Aurora airport.”

The following are the models of batteries for which Justin has test capabilities.

  • SLA-3000
  • XL2410-XX
  • XL2411
  • XL243A
  • XL243B
  • XL244-A
  • XL244-B
  • XL244-C
  • XL244-D
  • XL245-A
  • XL245-B
  • XL245-C
  • XL245-D
  • XL246-A 15 AMP
  • XL246-A 10 AMP
  • XL246-C
  • XL246-S
  • XL249-XX

Give Weber a call for more information about the emergency power services:

Justin Weber
14369 Keil Road, Suite A
Aurora, Oregon 97002
Shop +1 503.776.9007
Justin +1 503.332.9630

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