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Duncan Aviation Publishes Straight Talk Book About Navigating a Private Jet Acquisition or Sale

The Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions team compiled their expertise on how to buy or sell a private jet. Click image for high-res download.

LINCOLN, NEB. — Duncan Aviation knows the process of buying or selling a business aircraft is a complex undertaking requiring expertise to ensure a maximum return on investment. Purchasers must assess numerous factors to determine the best aircraft for their budget and mission, considering market variables, technical histories, and value propositions. Both buyers and sellers must navigate the complexities of pre-purchase evaluations, resolving technical discrepancies, and handling legal, tax, and closing logistics. Throughout the process, you must expertly deal with the myriad of one-offs, hurdles, and challenges unique to every transaction. Having someone you trust to represent your interests and mitigate risks is a must.

The Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Team compiled some of their expertise to prepare this Straight Talk book, which explores important considerations when navigating the pre-owned aircraft marketplace.

Read the Straight Talk About Navigating a Private Jet Acquisition or Sale

Key Points:

  1. Airplanes Are Complex Machines: The unique nature of aircraft as long-range mobile assets, the FAA and IRS regulations that govern their safe use and operation, the global marketplace within which they operate, and the tremendous business and lifestyle benefits they offer present inherent and multifaceted complexities to their ownership and/or transfer of ownership. There are several aspects of an aircraft asset that are analyzed to varying degrees in every business jet transaction.

  2. It’s Not Always What You Know, It’s Who You Know: Leading aircraft acquisition and sales organizations are typically well-known in the industry. They have sales executives who facilitate and nurture relationships, and build extensive networks of aircraft owners, operators, tax, accounting and legal advisors, and other brokers. Each company’s network is carefully crafted with the goal of connecting buyers and sellers and gaining access to off-market aircraft opportunities and “inside” information that is not readily available or easily accessible to the public. In any high-value transaction, immediate access to high-quality intelligence is key to optimizing returns and achieving a successful result.

  3. The Details are in the Data: The preowned business jet market is fueled by data and there are scores of market intelligence resources dedicated to tracking, analyzing, and helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions based on the ever-changing market conditions. Extensive resources are needed to examine and collate the massive amounts of available data and more importantly, translate that data into a simple story that effectively guides decision-making. Thorough market research saves time, ensures focused consideration, informed decision-making, and maximized returns.

  4. The Proof is in the Purchase Agreement: The cost of hiring a professional aircraft transaction specialist is typically outweighed by the savings they generate by helping you make strategic decisions and manage risk. Their negotiation skills, industry relationships, insights, and ability to identify optimal choices based on actionable data and experience can lead to monetary advantage, time-saving efficiencies, stress avoidance, and consensus between buyer and seller.

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