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With Only 14 Weeks To Go, 65% of the Learjet 31/31A Fleet Has Yet To Update To ADS-B

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LINCOLN, NEB — Duncan Aviation compiles an internal report each month based on our data and available air traffic control information that gives insight into the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) adoption rate. With only 14 weeks remaining until the FAA’s deadline for upgrading to ADS-B, roughly 65% of the Learjet 31/31As registered in the United States are non-compliant.

A quick glance through Duncan Aviation’s NextGen Solutions database (https://www.duncanaviation.aero/services/avionics-installation/nextgen-solutions) shows five paths to certification for each Learjet model, including an STC for the BendixKing MST 70 that the Satellite Avionics Shop in Kansas City, Missouri, completed in December 2016. Additionally, Duncan Aviation has BendixKing’s MST 70B inventory on hand, which will reduce downtime.

“The launch customer had a Learjet 31A, and everyone here at our shop was excited about getting to do an STC from scratch and be part of all of the testing,” says Kansas City Avionics Satellite Shop Manager Jeff Aman. “This is a solid STC for the airframe, and it requires a minimal amount of downtime because it entails a box swap and wiring changes. The price is right, too. Depending on the equipment in the aircraft, we can upgrade Learjet 31/31As to ADS-B for between $68,000 and $90,000 using this STC.”

For the Learjet 31A launch customer, the Kansas City shop tried three different WAAS/GPS position sources and eventually used the Universal UNS 1EW flight management system and the BendixKing MST-70s transponders. The customer already had an antenna that was certified for ADS-B.

“We do have special promotional pricing available, and this upgrade will make your MST 67A Mode S transponder-equipped business aircraft ADS-B-compliant,” says Regional Avionics Sales Manager John Spellmeyer. “Installation is quick because the MST 70B uses the existing MST 67A rack and connector.”

The promotional pricing includes a free Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) re-certification if it’s completed at the time of the MST-70B installation.

“Operators should give us a call and let us help them put together a plan to get their aircraft into compliance,” says Manager of Satellite Operations Matt Nelson. “And if they will put their aircraft down for an inspection, they should contact us to have one of our eminently qualified techs come to their hangar to perform the upgrade."

If operators haven’t yet upgraded but don’t want to be flying low or sitting on the ground on January 1, 2020, they should take a moment to schedule hangar space and upgrade to ADS-B. Duncan Aviation’s technicians around the country have performed hundreds of upgrades.

For more information about pricing, quotes, or scheduling, please contact:
• Regional Avionics Sales Manager John Spellmeyer (+1 316.214.8867 or email John.Spellmeyer@DuncanAviation.com) in the Western United States

• Regional Avionics Sales Manager Michael Kussatz (+1 531.207.3951 or email Michael.Kussatz@DuncanAviation.com) in the Eastern United States

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