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Burn Testing at Duncan Aviation

Recorded November 29, 2021

During this interactive webinar, we will discuss why the FAA mandates that materials on your aircraft undergo burn testing, and how the airworthiness of your aircraft depends on it. Duncan Aviation’s new Burn Lab in Battle Creek, Michigan, can perform most burn tests in-house instead of awaiting results from an outside lab, which will ultimately save our customers time and money.

Burn testing is intended to ensure that the materials in your aircraft will self-extinguish during the required time limit or won’t catch on fire at all. In case of a fire, it is critical to the safety of your passengers that they have time to escape the aircraft with limited exposure to toxic smoke. This webinar discusses which burn tests we perform and why they’re so important to the safety of you, your crew, and your passengers.

In this webinar you will learn about:

• How the need for burn testing came about.
• How in-house burn testing saves our customers time and money.
• Why it is so important to the airworthiness of your aircraft.
• The different types of burn tests we perform.
• Our new Burn Lab at Battle Creek.

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