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Honeywell Flight Deck Upgrades For Your Aging Aircraft

Recorded November 13, 2019

Avionics experts from Duncan Aviation will be joined by representatives from Honeywell to discuss flight deck upgrades for your aging aircraft.

**Since the recording of this webinar, there have been changes to the MSP Extended Warranty for the LASERF II's & III's. For more information, please contact Michael Kussatz.**

2:45 About the Laseref Program
4:25 About the Honeywell Laseref II and III- History
6:05 About the Laseref IV Upgrade
8:55 Laseref IV Pricing
10:20 Benefits of the Laseref IV
11:10 Extended MSP Avionics Coverage/Pricing
14:25 About the DU 875 Upgrade
16:30 DU 870 to DU 875 Upgrade Options
18:50 Primus Elite Enhanced Features (PEEF)
23:45 DU 875 Benefits
31:35 Benefits of the Laseref Program
31:55 Why Duncan Aviation?
33:20 Questions

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