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BendixKing RDR 2000 to RDR 2060 Weather Radar Upgrade Program

Let Duncan Aviation upgrade your current RDR 2000 to the RDR 2060

Weather awareness is essential at any time of the year, but it becomes critical during radar season. The BendixKing RDR 2060 Digital Weather Radar sets a new standard in value and performance. This system provides an affordable path for owners to upgrade the capabilities of their RDR 2000 in the same space and minimal installation downtime. It has 50% more power, additional safety enhancements, and pilot workload reduction features. 

Features include:

  • 50% more power, a full 6.0 kW
  • 320 NM range versus 240 NM range
  • Autorange limiting - alerts you to areas that radar energy cannot penetrate
  • Sector scans - allows you to reduce the scan time to concentrate on the area you most want to review
  • Auto step scan - causes the antenna tilt to sequentially step in 4° increments. This allows the pilot to Vertical Profile the entire azimuth scan angle by simply watching successive antenna scans
  • Auto tilt - automatically manages tilt angle as the aircraft climbs or descends (with compatible gyro inputs)

Don’t get caught in the storm without the confidence of an enhanced radar system.

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For more information about purchase, exchange, or repair support, please contact Duncan Aviation Component Services at 800.562.6377 or email.

Unit Installation

For more information about installation pricing, quotes, or scheduling, please contact:

Regional Avionics Sales Manager John Spellmeyer (+1 316.214.8867 or email) in the Western United States 

What radar system do you have, and how do you use it?

Watch the BendixKing Weather Radar discussion video to learn more.

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