Gogo AVANCE Platform

Gogo AVANCE Platform On The Gogo Biz 4G Network

Air travelers today expect the same speedy options for connectivity that they have at their offices and in their homes. The Gogo AVANCE Platform offers easy and powerful connectivity for passengers, pilots, and crew. The dual-band 802.11ac router optimizes Wi-Fi performance for information and entertainment, network management, talk & text, and Cloud-based service and support.

AVANCE L5 delivers reliable speeds that allow passengers to:

  • Stream audio and video
  • Host a web conference
  • Send and receive emails and text messages
  • Browse online
  • Connect to office networks (VPN support)
  • Place voice calls

The Gogo Biz 4G Network is available starting at 10,000 feet (and higher) and features ATG (air-to-ground) coverage across the continental United States and in parts of Alaska and Canada.

Before December 31, 2019, trade in your ATG system for the AVANCE L5 and Gogo Biz 4G network and get a $45,000 installation credit or 1 Year Free Gogo Biz 4G Pro Service.

AVANCE L3 is a scalable system that lets you pay only for the number of devices you intend to use in-flight. Although the system does not support streaming, passengers can follow the progress of the flight, access current weather information, share files, and read news clips from Bloomberg. If productivity is the goal, the AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi system makes possible the following:

  • Send and receive emails and text messages
  • Browse online
  • Connect to office networks (VPN support)
  • Talk on your phone

Duncan Aviation customers are invited to schedule their upgrades at any one of our 27 Satellite Avionics Shops or Workaway Stations.

For information about pricing, quotes, or scheduling, please contact:

John Spellmeyer Regional Avionics Sales Manager-Western Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 316.214.8867
Michael Kussatz Regional Avionics Sales Manager-Eastern Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.475.2611