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Wings on Wheels | A Cessna 150's Journey From Duncan Aviation to Lincoln North Star

On February 4, 2024, Duncan Aviation team members transported a 1967 Cessna 150 from their hangar to Lincoln North Star High School. The aircraft was painted at Duncan Aviation and will be used to give students in the Aviation and Technical Education Focus Program hands-on experience. The Aviation and Technical Education Focus Program at Lincoln North Star High School is centered around creating interest in aviation and training the next generation of pilots, technicians, engineers, dispatchers, and flight instructors. Led by Connie Duncan, wife of Duncan Aviation Board of Directors Chairman Todd Duncan, Duncan Aviation graciously donated $3.34 million to the program, moving the aviation department from a small, shared space, to a brand new 13,000-square-foot space near the front of the school, often referred to as one of the only public school airplane hangars in the nation.

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