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Challenger* Aircraft: Don't Forget to Record the Modsums & RILS

June 2015

We are seeing more and more In-Service Modsums and Reference Instruction Letters (RILs) being released by Bombardier*. These are similar to Service Bulletins (SBs), in that they provide instructions for minor modifications, improvements or evaluations and will need to be recorded in your logbooks.

But unlike SBs, Bombardier* does not track or keep record of In-Service Modsums and RILs.

Because many of these Modsums and RILs, will need to be referenced during future maintenance, I encourage you not to bury them deep within your logbooks. Instead, separate them into an additional index by themselves. This saves a lot of time when your service provider needs to verify previous maintenance activity.

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries