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Common Battery Warranty Claims That Can be Prevented

November 2020

I doubt Gaston Planté, the French physicist who discovered the lead-acid battery in 1859, could envision how great an impact his invention would have for modern man. The lead-acid battery was the first rechargeable electric battery marketed for commercial use.

43Ah_steel.jpgWhen Meggitt’s Securaplane brand introduced its sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery for use in aviation, it had a significant impact on the reliability and performance expectations of aircraft batteries with the potential for longer service life and less maintenance costs.

Securaplane products have a limited 30-month warranty on main ship battery covering workmanship. Sulfation of the plates and damaged terminal studs are common warranty claims that can be prevented or lessened by following simple operational and maintenance procedures. 


Sulfation is the formation of lead sulfate on a battery’s plates. It occurs when a battery is not allowed to come to a full charge before operation or is left idle for long periods of time. If sulfation is allowed to form and grow unchecked, it will inhibit the flow of electrons and ultimately lead to premature battery failure.

Preventing Sulfation

  1. Allow the battery to become fully charged before the next engine start.
  2. Do not shut the engine down before the battery is completely charged.
  3. Do not leave the battery idle for long periods of time to slowly discharge.
  4. Sulfation can be prevented by allowing the battery to fully recharge overnight on a tickle charger.

Damaged Terminal Stud

When reblocking the battery or replacing cell packs it is quite easy to unintentionally over torque and twist off the terminal studs. As per the component maintenance manual (CMM), only the use of a calibrated torque wrench should be used.

If warranty is claimed, Meggitt Securaplane may request the battery or cell packs to be returned for further analysis. This analysis will determine the health of the plates and in the case of a twisted stud, the condition of the spot weld of the stud to connector bar. Don’t discard the battery or cell packs until warranty has been resolved.

Battery Service Live Extension

Meggitt Securaplane has released a Battery Service Life Extension procedure (SL-9750W03X0-24-121, Rev. 2, date 10/16/12). It is a low current discharge/recharge cycle that could add to the useful life of your Securaplane main ship battery. Please contact me for more information.